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Why Use Pre-Employment Testing?

Increase Hiring Success

Increase Your Hiring Success

Our tests are described as Normative—meaning the results typically don’t change significantly over time. Basically, your candidate’s results today will be the same several years from now. You now have the confidence to make hiring decisions for the long run. Companies who use our tests typically see a 50% decrease in turnover. It’s time to take the guesswork out of your hiring.

Increase Your Hiring Speed

Stop spending hours worrying whether a candidate is a good choice or not. The Prevue Assessments give you concrete facts to assist in your decision. Every aspect of hiring is subjective: resumes, references, interviews. Give yourself something concrete to help make your choice. With Prevue Assessments, your company will be able to make hiring decisions quickly, helping you recruit top talent.

Increase Hiring Speed 
Be Prepared For Interview

Be Prepared For The Interview

Believe it or not, interviews typically favor the interviewee. They crafted their resume and they know the questions you are going to ask. Getting to the truth can sometimes be tricky. You need tools to help you interview effectively. You can receive a report for each candidate that takes our Assessments. The report shows how they scored and provides you with targeted questions to ask to get down to the real person. The questions are direct, but considerate, allowing you to still give a positive interview experience. Click here to view some samples of our reports and guides.

Prevue Benchmarks – Ensuring Consistency

We help you measure Job Fit by developing benchmarks. Prevue Benchmarks enable you to set a standard for each position that you are filling. Developing a benchmark is simple; it just involves some key staff members taking a quick job description survey online. Most companies greatly appreciate the benchmark creation process, as it allows everyone to reach a consensus on the job’s expectations.

Job Benchmarks

How Do Our Tests Work?

The following interactive infographics will give you a detailed overview of the steps involved in utilizing our Pre-Employment Tests and why they are such a powerful tool in your Hiring System.

Test People - 3 HR Assessments Taken Separately or Together

Prevue Abilities Tests

Often referred to as General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning or learning speed this test measures a job candidate's abilities described in terms of:

  • Working with Numbers (Numerical Reasoning);
  • Working with Words (Language Skills); and
  • Working with Shapes (Spatial Reasoning)

Time to complete: 18 minutes (timed)

Questions: 94

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Prevue Interest Inventory

Provide an assessment of a candidate's areas of interest described in terms of their interest in:

  • Working with Data;
  • Working with People; and
  • Working with Things

Time to complete: 10-15 min on average (untimed)

Questions: 36

Download Sample Reports
Prevue Personality Inventory

The Personality Assessment is based upon recognized personality scales for occupational assessment instruments. These are the major scales of Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Stability, (ICES). Each of these major scales is constructed from two sub-scales or minor scales, details of which are contained in the Prevue Assessment Technical Manual.

Time to complete: 20-30 minutes on average (untimed)

Questions: 110

Download Sample Reports

Compare People to Jobs

The Prevueonline web service automates the job analysis process and defines the ideal Abilities, Interests and Personality characteristics for any given position(s). The resulting outline of the ideal candidate for the job is called a Job Benchmark.


Decide who to Hire Using Prevue Reports

Companies use one or all of the following reports to make better hiring decisions.

View Hiring Reports:

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Working Characteristics Report
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"Using a variety of Assessments will help reduce the number of selection errors made and will boost the effectiveness of your decision making"

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