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Using the Prevue Screen saved a lot of time for us during one of our busiest recruits of the season. The screening process helped narrow down top caliber candidates, and as a result, majority of the applicants we interviewed were presented with an offer
- Andrea Brum, Andrew Peller Limited

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Applicant Personality Screening

Prevue Screen is a cost-effective personality questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Intended to be used in high volumes, this screening assessment provides a clear indicator of Doubtful, Possible or Good, based on a Prevue Benchmark.  


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The Prevue Screen is meant to be used in conjunction with the world renowned job-fit Prevue Assessments.  Prevue Screen enables hiring managers to see, based on the three screening indicators, if a person should be moved to the next stage of the hiring process.

Prevue Screen helps you:

  • make confident and validated hires
  • reduce your hiring costs
  • harness the power of psychometrics at every stage of the hiring process
  • effectively manage your applicant funnel 
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Prevue Screen FAQs

What application was the Prevue Screen designed for/what is its intended use?

The Prevue Screen was designed for entry level and hourly paid positions.  Key industry sectors that have expressed a demand for a short personality based screening tool are Hospitality, Tourism, Retail and Call Centers.  These industries have been using Prevue’s job-fit testing product for management and senior roles for years, but have been asking for an easy to administer test that take less than 10 minutes to complete and provides basic information regarding whether or not to proceed with an initial applicant.

When should I administer the Prevue Screen?

The Prevue Screen is designed to be administered to every applicant at time of the application. 

What kind of positions is the Prevue Screen ideal for?

The Prevue Screen is ideal for any position that you are hiring for.  The cost of the Prevue Screen makes this assessment perfect for high-volume positions such as hourly jobs.

The concept being introduced by Prevue HR is that companies can now harness the power of psychometrics at every stage of the hiring process and for every type of position.  Many companies might only use the Prevue Screen for their hourly or entry level applicants whereas others will use the Prevue screen to shrink the funnel of applicants down to a manageable size and then have the “screened-in” candidates take Prevue’s job-fit tests to support the interview.

How can I requisition the Prevue Screen assessment for a candidate?

Through Prevue Online, go to the Prevue Wizard and use the Assessment Only – SFP (Prevue Screen) activity.  

What is the cost for Prevue Screen?

Prevue Screen is made available through the purchase of an unlimited use annual license which is based on company size and designed to provide companies with a cost per individual screened under $15.00.  The Prevue can also be purchased in bulk inventory amounts. 

Is Prevue Screen available on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, Prevue Screen was designed to be taken on a tablet or smartphone.  Of course, you can still complete the Prevue Screen on a traditional computer.

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