Prevue Future – A Peek into 2011

Prevue Future – A Peek Into 2011

It seemed fitting for the last article of the year to take a peek at the future. The article was prompted by a LinkedIn discussion amongst Prevue Distributors and Users regarding the use of Prevue Assessments for career planning applications. It is also a timely follow-up to the last two feature articles written by Lynne Wallace that spoke to the use of Prevue Assessments in the admission and training of applicants for various occupations.

Although not extensively promoted, a software career planning application of the Prevue Assessments was introduced in North America as early as 1995 under the Career Mapper brand. A UK version of Career Mapper was developed in 2001 supported by the UK Occupations 2000 job taxonomy, a significant improvement over the earlier North American version. Online testing was developed for the UK version in 2003 but required the use of Career Mapper software to generate a report. Career Mapper was merged into the Prevue family with the introduction of Prevue for Careers in the UK in early 2009.

A new North American version of Prevue for Careers is to be designed in 2011, prompted in part by the success of the UK version, but more significantly by some very exciting new Prevue research and development work that will be brought to market in 2011. The Prevue psychometricians have been mapping the scales of the Prevue Assessments to the relevant domains of the O’NET Job Content model. This research will ultimately enable the development of valid Prevue Benchmarks for every occupation in the O’NET-SOC Job Taxonomy starting with the 1000+ occupations that are currently available. Although this research was initiated for the purpose of developing a valid and reliable Prevue Benchmark Library for screening and selection applications, it will be obvious that the use of the Benchmark Library is a slam dunk opportunity for matching career seekers to the 1000 + occupations in the O’NET-SOC job Taxonomy. Not only will Users be able to identify their best job match prospects, they will have immediate access to extensive information regarding the requirements and demands of any position in the Taxonomy.

We hope all of you are looking forward to 2011 as much as we here are at Prevue Assessments. Prevue for Careers is only one of several developments we’ll be working on through 2011. We hope it will ultimately be recorded as a watershed year for everyone in the Prevue family. We extend our best wishes to all of you for a healthy, happy and productive 2011.

Written by Ken Danderfer