Recruiting: The Mutually Beneficial Experience

When employers are seeking new hires, they don’t always consider what candidates are looking for in new roles. In fact, many companies fail to ask these types of questions altogether.

Exactly what a potential hire desires in a role isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it does convey how well an individual will perform down the line.

In addition, a resume doesn’t articulate how well a candidate will suit a particular role. Granted, it may show vocational and educational history, it often fails to convey the full scope of an individual’s personality and potential. What’s more, individuals may believe they will enjoy a position much more than they actually do in the future. The fact is, many traditional interviewing methods simply are not able to grasp the full scope of a prospect’s suitability.

Long-Term Fit

The newcomers to the workforce are notorious for job-hopping – only staying in a role for a matter of months or years before moving along to the next company. In particular cases, they even move to completely new industries, and they do so with ease. With this in mind, ensuring employees benefit from their retail experience will reduce employee turnover down the line. This will save employers valuable time and resources. Not only are these employees more likely to enjoy their roles right away, as they find them natural fits, but they are more likely to experience upward mobility within the company.

Even if a manager isn’t looking to hire someone who will develop into a higher position, these hires lead through inspiration. Just as a bad hire will take a team backward, the right one has a ripple effect on the team as a whole. A strong, positive energy in the workplace is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

A Better Customer Experience

It is no secret that a passionate employee works harder than one that simply shows up to clock hours. Thus, searching for the candidate that has a natural propensity for a given role ensures that they will have that spark. While skills may be acquired, “drive” isn’t something employers can fully instill in employees. In terms of retail, some individuals have a natural intuition about how to fully embrace the customer for experience.

If someone comes in looking for sunglasses, an inquisitive individual will inquire as to why they are searching for that item, and expand the sale from there. Although a manager can bring these points up in a meeting, there will be countless instances like it throughout an employee’s tenure. Owing this, retail screening plays an integral role in hiring someone with a natural sales intuition. Not only will that employee enjoy their role, as they will find it a natural fit, but they are much more likely to grow with that company.