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Our Proven 3 Stage Hiring Process Is...

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Job Analysis

We provide job descriptions & review the expectations of each job opening. This creates a job fit benchmark. We then craft job ads & develop a strategy to get the word out about your job openings.

Recruiting and Screening
Recruiting & Screening

We push your job openings to hundreds of job boards. Applicants are collected, screened, & sorted by our Applicant Tracking System and through our Prevue Screen tool. You log into one secure dashboard to view all of your most qualified, screened candidates. 

Interviewing and Hiring
Interviewing & Hiring

Qualified candidates take our valid & reliable Job Fit Assessments—proven to reduce turnover by over 50%. We then provide you with custom Interviewing & Hiring guides to give you insights into each candidate.

...Delivered Through Our Hiring Tools

Job Description Builder
Job Description Builder

Access our library of over 8,000 verified job descriptions. This sets the foundation for the job's expectations & requirements.

Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System

Post jobs. Collect resumes. Stay organized. Our ATS gives you everything you need to review candidates & speed up the hiring process.

Job Fit Assessments
Screening & Job Fit Assessments

Valid & reliable, our Assessments show you each candidate's Learning Speed, Interests & Motivations, and Personality.

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