To make the dream work, you must first make the team work.

Are you ready to bring your team's productivity to the highest level? Use Prevue's Team-Fit to discover how different personalities work together. Minimize conflict, improve communication, and optimize effectiveness in your team.

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Discover yourself

Find out more about yourself.

Have you ever done those quizzes online to find out which cartoon character you are? Team-Fit works under a similar logic, but of course, minus the questions about “the type of cereal you like most”.

We use results from our science-backed assessments to measure your specific team type. You may be a Chameleon who is generally flexible and tends to “go with the flow”, or you could be a Maverick who is outgoing and competitive. Give us your honest answers, and get the result that describes you best.


Discover yourself

The dream team

Build the ideal team culture you have in mind.

In today’s collaborative workplace, finding an individual who is smart and qualified is relatively easy; ensuring an effective and high-functioning team is, however, the more challenging part.

Bring personality insights to your team by learning how each member works best with one another. Prevue’s Team-Fit report compares your temperaments to your teammates’, and highlights opportunities that will promote group success.

The dream team

Engaging reports

Adding a bit of fun in our reports.

We designed Team-Fit reports to be fun and engaging. Rather than a set of letters, we want to give you a team character you can associate yourself with, and, be proud of.

The descriptions are detailed, yet easy-to-read. It’s so authentic and accurate, you’ll feel like you wrote it yourself. Some might even make you go, “ooh that’s me!”

Curious about how it looks like? View our sample reports here.

Engaging reports

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