Because trusting your gut is just too risky.

Your ideal hire should fit the role and your company culture. But there’s only so much you can learn from an interview. Prevue’s Personality Assessment takes less than 20 minutes to complete. It helps you discover--without bias--how candidates might act in different situations, and why.

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Hire Potential

Learn about potential behavior.

Will Tim get nervous about making cold calls? Will Stephanie be too independent to lead a team? Do you want to hire someone who follows the rules, or someone who innovates?

The Personality Assessment report is easy to read, and paints an authentic picture of the candidate. You’ll see how this person compares to your benchmark, and get recommendations for interview questions that target ‘problem’ areas.

Hire Potential

Valid & Reliable

Get results that are predictable over time.

With any career personality test, validity and reliability are key. If you hire this person, will they behave the same way a year from now?

With years of science behind this assessment, we’re confident you’ll be measuring what you think you’re measuring. We’ve built the system to pull accurate and reliable results, even if a candidate tries to ‘trick’ the test (or gives only socially acceptable answers).


Valid & Reliable

Get a Good Fit

Hire for true best fit.

With this assessment, you can get a sneak preview of a candidate before he or she walks in the door. A psychometrics test is an objective way to read someone. Yes, even if they show up for their interview wearing a crocodile on their head.

Combined with the Prevue Abilities Assessment, you can get a real snapshot of an applicant’s strengths, shortcomings, and potential. You’ll see if they’re likely to succeed in the role–now and in the future.

Get a Good Fit

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