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Prevue Criteria Corp Berke Wonderlic Predictive Index
Assessment Features
Cognitive Aptitude o o o o o
Motivations o o
Personality o o o o o
Completion Time 10-35 mins 5-35 mins 10-60 mins 12-60 mins 6-20 mins
Assessment Weighing o o o
Benchmarking Methods
Standard Library o o o
Job Description Survey o o
Top Performer Study o o
Report Features
All-in-one vs. Separated Reports All-in-one Separated All-in-one All-in-one Separated
Interview Guide o o o o o
Support + Training
Dedicated Success Manager o o
Free Customized Training o o
Online Self-Learning Materials o o o
Pricing Structure Unlimited Annual License Unlimited Annual License Tiered Price Plans Monthly + Annual
Freemium Pricing