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If you’re asking yourself “How do I reduce turnover,” it means your team members may have been hired based on gut instinct. Prevue’s HR software brings online staffing solutions to organizations looking to hire better, faster.

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What our clients are saying

  • “Since we started using Prevue Assessments to aid us in the hiring of new Registered Practical Nurses we’ve noticed an increased in the quality of new hires and a reduction in employee turnover.”

    Stav D’Andrea - Director of Human Resources, Bridgepoint Health
  • “Prevue Assessments have helped us understand and ensure the best job fit with candidates. Hiring managers find value in Selection assessments, especially with the suggested interview questions provided."

    Mindy Brar, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Canfor
  • “Spokane Transit has been using Prevue for two years and love it! Prior to Prevue Online, we were using three different “tests” and now we only use this one. Whether the position is an Administrative Assistant or a Director level, Prevue gives us good information and it’s easy to use. Each Manager likes the Prevue report for different reasons; ease of use, Benchmark Suitability Score, Total Person Description and/or Suggested Interview Questions. The reporting is well rounded and easy to read. If you personally recommend a product, you must believe in it…I’ve recommended this product to my counter-parts throughout the Washington Transit industry!”

    Jenni Knoll, Spokane Transit, HR Specialist – Employment
  • "We’ve actually hired 9 people and will be bringing on another 3 in the next two weeks! So far, we have been so pleased with your products. Thank you so much for ALL of your help and patience. I can’t say enough about Prevue’s tools and how much they helped to streamline our hiring process. Zoya is amazing!"

    Maria Jones - Director, Training and State Partner Engagement, Foster Care to Success