The Challenge: ApplicantPro experienced exponential growth, resulting in a surge of job seekers. This influx made it tough to manage the high volume of applications, causing screening and interviews to require extensive time and resources.

The Solution: Prevue's Assessment Suite was implemented during the pre-hire stage to predict candidates' on-the-job behavior and streamline the screening process.

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About ApplicantPro

ApplicantPro is a software company specializing in applicant tracking and recruitment tools. As an industry leader for 17 years, they have served more than 7,000 organizations and assisted over two million job seekers.

The Solution: Prevue's Job-Fit

Prevue’s Assessment Suite was implemented before hiring to predict how candidates would perform on the job. The following Job-Fit report features were significant to the screening and hiring process.

Customized Benchmarks: Took data from top-performer studies and insights from the hiring team to create custom benchmarks aligned with the characteristics and abilities they sought in candidates.

Job Suitability Score: This score not only facilitated the selection of ideal candidates but also contributed to a reduction in involuntary turnover, and ultimately boosting overall productivity.

“Prevue is an essential part of our hiring. I can’t do my job without it. It saves us time and resources, while ensuring we find the best fit for our company.”

The Results

Streamlined Candidate Screening
Using Prevue Assessments, the recruitment team confidently manage a large applicant pool and eased the workload on employees. ApplicantPro reduced the average screening time to just 1 to 2 minutes per candidate.

Faster Time-to-Hire
Time-to-hire decreased significantly from 50 days to an impressive 15 days — a remarkable 70% reduction. This increased efficiency allowed ApplicantPro to identify top talent promptly and engage with all candidates within two weeks.

Low Turnover Maintenance
Despite a 30% company growth, the quality of candidates and new hires improved noticeably, leading to enhanced retention. ApplicantPro successfully maintained a low 15% turnover rate, well below industry standards.