London Drugs

The Challenge: The team at London Drugs wanted a tool to gain better insight into management candidates including those they wanted to hire internally.

The Solution: Prevue’s reports provided details that could be used to identify growth areas and build and improve managers’ career plans.

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About London Drugs

London Drugs is a privately owned, Canadian chain of retail stores with over 80 locations across Western Canada. The company sells a wide range of products and services including: electronics, computers, housewares, health and beauty products, prescription drugs and a host of other items. London Drugs was named one of Canada’s best employers by Forbes Magazine in 2016 and 2017.

Liz McNally is the Manager, Organizational Effectiveness

Before Prevue, London Drugs already had admirable hiring practices.

With behavioural-based interviews and a proclivity for promoting from within, the team at London Drugs had a clear and effective hiring system. So why add Prevue to the mix? Liz McNally, Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, knew that even a successful process could be improved upon, and Prevue’s assessments would provide additional insights on candidates. “It’s far easier to be proactive, putting great practices in place ahead of time, rather than having to find something in the moment when issues emerge” she says.

It was Prevue’s personal touch–and the tool’s versatility–that sealed the deal.

The team at London Drugs were pleased to find a local assessment provider.  They also appreciated that Prevue is able to offer that boutique feel. Since teaming up over a decade ago, the vendor partner relationship has been hands on and accessible.

Prevue’s tools have become part of the company culture and are now ingrained in the team’s vocabulary (“Can I get a Prevue on this person”). You can often learn more about someone’s soft skills with Prevue assessments than you can from an interview. There is tremendous utility and versatility with Prevue’s approach, insights can be used for more than screening and comparing to benchmarks; hiring managers can pull reports to use in coaching and development. “Every ‘Prevue’ done with an internal candidate is fully debriefed, and becomes part of the fabric of their career plan,” says Liz.

London Drugs and Prevue have a longstanding relationship built on trust.

“At London Drugs, the word trust is important to us. We strive every day to be a trusted retailer to our valued customers, and a trusted employer to the people who become part of our family owned company. Prevue has been a trusted partner with London Drugs for over 10 years. We rely on their extensive expertise, commitment to security and privacy, and their responsiveness to our needs as customers. That responsiveness is not something we experience only when needed; they are also very proactive in anticipating our needs in advance, which we deeply appreciate.”

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