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Hiring the right candidate is the first step to increasing workplace productivity. Prevue's Work Ethic assessment predicts whether an individual will be a reliable, accountable, and productive employee. Quick-to-take and even faster to retrieve results, this assessment is the perfect screening tool.

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Finding the right candidate for an entry-level position can be challenging. Will the candidate take initiative to solve problems? Can they follow rules in the workplace?

The Work Ethic assessment provides valuable insights into an individual’s work habits and integrity. It’s designed specifically for entry-level positions, particularly when hiring for jobs that involve handling money, personal safety, or sensitive data. By using this assessment, you can determine how reliable and trustworthy the employee will be in the role.

Hire Smarter

Assessment Overview

Quick and easy screening tool.

Effectively screen candidates by determining their work ethic. Our Screen Fit report is presented in an intuitive and easily understandable format, so you can make informed decisions quickly.

To complete the assessment, candidates are asked a series of questions regarding workplace attitudes and morality. The results generate a personal profile that rates the candidate’s job suitability. We also provide a personality overview with situational examples to help you better understand the candidate’s fit for the role.

Assessment Overview

Essential for Success

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The costs of high turnover rates, lack of productivity, and employee misconduct can pose a threat to an organization’s success. To reduce these risks associated with new hires and identify their accountability in a position, we designed the Work Ethic Assessment.

The annual cost of employee absenteeism in the United States is about $225.8 billion

We aim to provide you with a hassle-free way to gain a strong insight into all applicants. Work Ethic is compatible with our Job-Fit assessments to provide an additional perspective on an applicant’s morality and work ethic, helping you make a well-informed hiring decision.

Essential for Success

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