Is My Information Secure?

Confidentiality of Assessment Information

  • Results from the Prevue Assessments are kept confidential to the same extent as any other employment information maintained in an employment file. Any organization that has requested a job applicant or current employee to complete the Prevue Assessments is bound by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the organization is based including applicable civil rights, human rights and privacy legislation.
  • Best human resources management practice recommends that knowledge of your assessment results should be restricted only to those who need to know the information, such as recruitment personnel or your supervisor or mentor in the organization that has requested you to take the Prevue Assessments.

Most organizations do not provide job applicants with information on their assessment results unless the Prevue Assessments are being used in a coaching or training application. This is because the time required to provide feedback on assessment results for all persons that apply to a job opening is simply impractical.