COVID-19 Safety Plan


The Prevue offices will be reopening in 2 or 3 phases depending on how things go in the coming weeks.  As Mike mentioned in our meetings last week, the finalized date is yet to be confirmed by the government, but it is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th (after the long weekend). The confirmed date will come to light in the next few days and we will pass this information along as we receive it.  Please read this email in its entirety and respond to me to either ask any questions you may have, or confirm that you understand the plan we are laying out.  Mike will be reviewing this email at tomorrow’s meeting.


Company/Office Updates


  1. If you show any symptoms of sickness, you are to stay home.
  2. You must bring your laptop home with you every evening.
  3. Wash your hands upon entering the office for at least 20 seconds, this even includes after washing your hands in the restroom. Dry your hands with paper towel, not with a shared towel.
  4. Mike C. will act as our own personal Clark and be taking temperatures with a temperature gun every morning.
  5. The office will be fully equipped with masks, gloves, and sanitizer.
  6. We have arranged for a specialized cleaning crew to come into the office and do a full deep-clean/sterilization.  These specialized cleanings will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.
  7. We will be returning on the same reduced 80% schedule.  Please ensure to update your Outlook calendar with your off day.
    1. The goal is to return to 100% hours and full compensation by June 1.  This will be reviewed closer to that date.
  8. We will be holding physical distancing acceptable, mid-day social events that will be mandatory to ensure that there is no divide between the groups.

During Phase 1, the 8:30 am morning meeting with continue but will be modified.  We will no longer be filling out the sheet to report on our daily activities.  Instead, we will turn our Google Sheet into a mirror of the windows at the office where we will report on revenue, churn, spending, leads, etc.  There will also be a cell dedicated to each team’s ongoing goals/projects.


It is recommended that if you are hosting the morning meeting, that you suggest a fun game/activity/topic to the staff instead of having them tell you about what they are going to be doing that day.  The goal of the morning meeting is to keep us engaged and in contact with each other.


Phase 1


Tentatively, the plan for Prevue will be to start returning to the office on May 19th, and we will be monitoring all government recommendations to ensure that this is done safely and responsibly.  The number of staff that we have chosen to return to the office during phase 1 represent a safe number who will be able to adequately physically distance within our space.  As everyone will be spaced out, you may not be sitting in your regular spot for the time being.


  • It is the responsibility of the staff returning during phase 1 to ensure that all their equipment (docking station, monitors, etc.) is returned before the date we reopen.
  • The staff who will be returning to the office during this phase are:
  1. Danny
  2. Rachel
  3. Christina
  4. Shirley
  5. Will
  6. Elliot
  7. Selwyn
  8. Jamie
  9. Mike C. (Monday – Thursday, Friday from home)
  10. Ashley (Tuesday – Friday, Monday from home)

Those of you who are in Phase 2 or 3 for return to work will continue to work virtually during this time. It is incredibly important to ensure that those who are working from home are working their regular hours and not starting early.  We want the hours inside and outside of the office mirrored.


Phase 2 & 3

More information on these phases will become available as more information from the government is released.  We will update you as we find out more.

Staff who are not coming back to work during Phase 1 are expected to work in the office one day every 2 weeks. These days are to be scheduled well in advance with Melinda to ensure that no more than 2 additional staff are in the office on any given day.