Why Employers Need to Ensure Their Staff Recharges

While most companies instruct staff to take lunch or coffee breaks, not all of them are enforced. Many companies don’t record when employees leave the building, or when they return. As a result, a great deal of employees “stretch” their breaks, or even take extra ones.

On the other hand, there are just as many instances where employees do not take these liberties. In fact, a vast number of people eat at their desks, or skip lunch altogether. Some staff may feel too pressured to take a break, while others may feel so stressed out that they lose their appetite.

Although the results are not always readily apparent, they take a drastic toll on the performance and overall well-being of the average individual. Biologically, people are not meant to sit for long hours, or stare at computer screens. Consequently, those that do so without taking breaks end up with a multitude of mental and physical health problems. These employees fall ill quicker, and stay sick longer.

Mental Fatigue

‘You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink.’

Now, an employer cannot make an employee eat a meal if he or she does not feel up to doing so; however, they can encourage breaks and make it a policy that staff do step away from their desks during the day. Even if they don’t eat, they gain a crucial mental break and prevent fatigue.

Studies show that people are only capable of holding concentration for so long before they lose focus. Moreover, well-rested employees simply produce more. Someone who puts in endless hours is actually less productive than someone who utilizes his or her time effectively.

Employee Burnout

Ultimately, ensuring that staff take breaks prevents them from quitting down the line. No matter how resilient an individual may seem, he or she has a breaking point. In fact, some of the most hard-working, passionate and inspired people end up burning out due to their strong work ethic. They often feel that they are getting ahead by going the extra mile, but they forget to recharge in between. Ensuring that these star individuals make time to do so will reduce employee turnover.

What strategies does your company use for preventing employee burnout?