Holiday Planning: How to Make a Remote Party Work

2020 has been a year with a whirlwind of events, hasn’t it? For the holiday seasons as well, it seems that it may be difficult for many companies to gather in person this year for a celebration. Though fancy dinners may not be feasible this year, there are still important reasons to celebrate. An end-of-year party is a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements as a team and a fruitful year. For temporarily and permanently remote teams, here are some idea for planning a remote work holiday celebration!

Video-Friendly Events

Zoom meetings have quickly became the top alternative for in-person communications since earlier this year. An online party will allow employees to be able to participate even from their own home. Here are a couple ideas for party themes:

  • Virtual Escape Room: Divide your employees into teams that compete to see who can successfully crack the code first! Divide teams randomly for a chance for employees to work with someone they may not get to speak to often.
  • Netflix Party: Stream a holiday movie together! This activity will require little preparation and is a good chance for your employees to just relax and enjoy a laugh together.
  • Game Night: From Mafia, Werewolf, to even Among Us, there are a wide selection of games that doesn’t require expert gaming skills. Similar to virtual escape rooms, these games also require teamwork and communication and is a good chance for bonding.
  • Peer Recognition: Games aside, companies can also use holiday parties as a chance to talk about their favorite work memory or give recognition to a fellow co-worker. In a season of gratitude, don’t forget to show your fellow co-workers gratitude as well!
  • Secret Santa: Don’t drop this classic holiday gift exchange because of distance! Have your employees draw names online and send each other an e-gift instead of a physical gift this year.

Party in a Brown Box

Even if you cannot bring your employees to a party, you can bring the party to your employees at their very own home – via delivery! Although it might take some planning with shipping and handling, a brown box of holiday cheer could make a very memorable celebration.

  • Meal-prep kits: Since the team cannot gather for a meal together, try sending a meal-prep kit home to them instead! Services such as Hello Fresh or Home Chef offer kits that include everything you need to cook a specific recipe. Have your employees try the same recipes out and compare the results.
  • Tasting Boxes: Have a couple wine lovers in your company? Arrange tasting boxes with wine, cider, beer, or even hot chocolate to be sent. Even without being in the same room, enjoying the same food and drinks can help make your team feel like they are still celebrating the holidays together.
  • Decorations: Send out some holiday decorations for your employees! Anything from Christmas ornaments to fairy lights, a little bit of decoration can bring a whole lot of holiday spirit. Bonus if the decorations are customized to be company themed. This way your employees will have this memento from your company for years to come.
  • Donation Drive: Prepare some prepaid shipping labels and ask your employees to ship any clothes, toys, or food they can donate this holiday season. You can take suggestions and pick an organization or charity together that you want to donate to collectively. Giving back to your community can also help your employees feel a sense of belonging this holiday season.

A Gift of Time

No matter how you decide to celebrate this holiday season, remember that the most important part is for your employees to feel connected and appreciated. Even a heartfelt email can mean a lot to your employees. With the on-going pandemic, expect delays and hurdles in your planning process but don’t feel too discouraged! Consider also just giving your employees some time off to relax and spend time with family – and for yourself as well. Happy holiday planning!