The Importance of HR Branding

Many companies today have learned the importance of company branding and how it can help maintain their current clientele and attract new customers to their business. Unfortunately, too many of these same companies are spending so much time focusing on branding to attract customers that they fail to see the dynamic role HR branding can have at keeping and finding high-quality employees. If your company is having problems hiring the right people, or you are having a difficult time retaining your current employees, you may need to refocus your HR branding strategies.

hr branding

What Is HR Branding?

HR branding is all about how both your current employees and potential employees view your company as an employer. It is about your company’s overall image as an employees and what your company’s values are. A strong HR branding strategy can help your company attract the best candidates and provide a larger pool of potential employees to select from. On the other hand, a poorly managed HR branding strategy, or even worse, no strategy at all, can prevent the top candidates from even applying to your job openings. With no thought put into your company’s HR branding can also create a poor work environment that may entice your current employees to look for another employer.

Tips of Creating an HR Branding Strategy

Various factors go into creating a well-developed HR branding strategy. Below is a look at several factors that must be taken into account when creating any type of employer image or branding strategy.

  • Market Research

The first thing you need to do when creating your company’s HR branding strategy is to take a close look at how your competitors are attracting new employees. You want to research your specific market and see what positions are opening, how they are advertising for new job openings, and what special benefits they are currently offering new employees. This will help you know where your company stands against your competitors and will highlight things you may need to change in order to attract the right job candidates.

  • Understanding Your Current Employees

You also need to determine how your current employees feel about their current job and their employee atmosphere. Try to find out why your current employees like working with your company, why they are still working for you, or if they are looking for other work and why. You may be surprised to find out just how your employees feel about the company, but they will be your best source to find out what is working and what needs to be changed.

  • Developing Your Company Values

Many times company values are put in place to cater to the customers, such great values, outstanding customer services, or professional service. While these values are great for growing your company’s customer base, it may not do too much to attract qualified job candidates to your company. You need to re-evaluate these values and determine how to transition them into your HR branding, or you need to create a new set of values as an employer. Once these values are determined, be sure to promote them throughout the workplace, so employees know exactly what these values are.

  • Implement Your Employer Image into Your Recruitment Process

While it is important that your current employees be part of your HR strategy and your image and values should be implemented into your company policies, your HR strategy must also become a vital part of the recruitment process. Jobseekers should have no problem understanding your company’s HR branding, values and image by looking at your job opening announcement. This could be special benefits that come with the job like flexible scheduling, bonus, and promotion or training opportunities.

Creating a strong and positive HR branding strategy will greatly improve your company’s ability to attract, recruit, and retain top job candidates and employees. In today’s competitive market, HR branding is no longer just an added bonus to your recruitment process, it is a necessity. If you need help developing a strategy that will work best for your company, look for a professional HR consulting company to help you through the process.