A Post-Pandemic Era: Four Workplace Trends to Consider in 2021

Despite all the difficulties that we had to endure in 2020, the end of this nightmare is finally in sight as the COVID vaccine begins to roll out in the new year. Offices may reopen, the economy will recover, and perhaps we’ll get to give our friends a hug without the feeling of guilt and fear. (Finally!)

There is no doubt that our lives have been greatly disrupted both personally and professionally. Businesses, likewise, were challenged to face uncertainty in the most unexpected ways. In this post-war-like environment for the economy, 2021 is going to be a year full of transformations and adjustments, and we hope this blog can give you a good sense of direction moving forward.

Trend #1: Working from Home is Here to Stay

A good chunk of the workforce got a taste of working remotely – mainly for health and safety reasons. But studies predicted that this new work-from-home phenomenon is likely to continue post-quarantine. Why? The demand for flexibility at work has always been around even before the crisis and is amplified given the circumstances we’re in right now. While the experience of working from home came quite suddenly due to the pandemic, it also gave corporate leaders an opportunity to learn how to deal with a remote team in the long term.

The sudden switch to remote work has prompted researchers and HR pros to look into the various benefits of remote work as well.

Of course, just as different as we all are, working-from-home is going to work well for some and not others. But having that option there as a company perk will help your business save money, attract top talents, and succeed in the long run.

Trend #2: Digital Transformation in HR

2020 was the year that separated savvy companies from those lagging behind in technology. Before that, only 15% of businesses prioritized digital transformation. In the post-pandemic era, it is expected that most companies will be incorporating technology into every part of their business. Speaking specifically to HR, this growth will likely open new doors for hiring and team management tools.

  • It is forecasted that there will be a 13% growth rate in the market for talent management tools.
  • The total value of the HR software market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2025.
  • Looking forward, 74% of companies plan to increase spending on HR tech to address talent needs.

The HR landscape is constantly evolving, including the priorities we have for recruiting and retention. In the current year, we’re excited to see how Prevue can play a role in this tech-oriented climate.

Trend #3: Creativity is Key when Hiring

It may have taken us a pandemic to realize the impact of creativity in business, but global execs have been calling it one of the most important skills since as early as 2014 – 94% of hiring managers say it is crucial to consider creativity when evaluating a candidate.

Creativity-related skills aren’t limited to artistry and design either. They can also be defined by the ability to adjust to change, generate new ideas, and implement solutions. At Prevue, we help measure this by analyzing a candidate’s tendency to be spontaneous, their preference for change, as well as their approach to new ventures.

Trend #4: How You Respond Will Define Your Brand

2020 had definitely been a year of growth and reflection. Not only were we forced to learn how to deal with a global crisis tactfully, but we were also given the opportunity to reevaluate and reemphasize our core values and beliefs. The social issues that arose in 2020 aren’t ones to be ignored. Big brands and large corporates, especially, are being monitored more carefully on the impact they bring to their community.

  • 13% of consumers say they would pay up to 50% or more for a product or service if they had the impression that the company makes positive world impacts.
  • A study on consumer behavior showed that 94% of customers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency.

The secret to business success relies on the emotional connection your brand makes with your customers and employees. In the modern age of social media, how you choose to respond to a crisis or problem can make or break your employer brand.

Every year we face new trends and events that prompt us to expand our knowledge and seek new experiences. Although it’s hard to foresee what may happen again in 2021, as we look ahead, we see with certainty that these trends will continue beyond the year and extend to the future.