Add Flex to Your Space: Office Hacks to Boost Productivity at Work

If you were to look up Ways to Increase Productivity at Work online, a majority of the suggestions that show up may resemble common self-care routines most are familiar with – such as going for a walk, creating a to-do-list, or indulging in some herbal tea. Though we do not deny the importance of said practices, in a realistic situation where employees could already be at a stage of burnout, some may find it too demanding to even get off the chair.

Productivity is a very volatile and abstract concept that varies from person to person, but telling staff to just “get it together” certainly won’t cut it. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to recognize that everything, from wellness efforts to office designs, can have a paramount impact on improving employee efficiency. Let’s start with some basic workplace amenities.

Sound Masking: Fight Fire with Fire

Noise is a serious detrimental factor to productivity. With more and more firms opting for open spaces to encourage team engagement and collaboration, noise distractions bouncing from one end to another are nearly inevitable. People unintentionally overhear conversations from fellow colleagues, and some end up joining in the chit-chats because they want to be included. For certain tasks – like writing – when high levels of concentration are required, imagine how frustrating it is to have your thoughts interrupted over and over by unwanted sounds?

As counterintuitive as this may seem, adding noise to a space can actually make the space seem quieter. Sound masking is a growing and effective technology that involves adding inconspicuous background sound to dampen the audibility of the human voice, making it ideal for works that are better performed in moderate silence.

Adjustable Desks: Moderation is Key

It is shocking to learn that on average, Canadian adults spend almost 10 hours each day being sedentary. Needless to say, sitting in poor postures with little movements over prolonged periods can have big impact on one’s health and wellness, thereby reducing productivity. Going for a walk is an option, but for all intents and purposes, it merely covers 3% of your standard eight-hour workday – which isn’t enough.

Height-adjustable desks are becoming a trend in modern workspaces, as they give workers the preference to either sit, or stand without hindering the flow of work. One study found that 43% of workers who swapped from regular to standing desks reported improved performance after a year, with 52% of those claiming they felt more engaged at work.

Plants: Connect with Nature

Sadly, it’s just how the society is now, but we do spend way too much time each day exposed to high-intensity screens and in compacted environments. And while you may be able to justify with – “It’s work, can’t help it.” – connecting with nature doesn’t necessarily have to be a two-hour road trip to a national park. Adding greens is a popular topic nowadays, not only to your diet, but to your office as well. In fact, incorporating nature into the workplace can improve concentration and boost productivity by 15%, a study shows.

As important as it is for businesses to invest carefully, for ones like these, that go a long way in building employee wellness and satisfaction, it is the absolute bare minimum you can do.