How Companies can Engage the Millennial Part-Time Worker

Millennials now comprise the largest demographic in today’s workforce. As a result, companies have to find ways to engage and retain them.

In addition, they have to find ways to attract and inspire part-time workers. And, doing so is not always an easy task. In fact, it can be extremely difficult to encourage individuals who view their roles as temporary or secondary positions. Indeed, full-time work becomes a focal point in people’s lives.

The fact that full-timers spend the majority of their time in a role increases the likelihood that they’ll put passion into it; full-time work often becomes an integral piece of a person’s identity.

Increase Flexibility

 Even if part-time work doesn’t take up the largest part of an employee’s schedule, it does take time away from other pursuits. Hence, many young people see their part-time work as a hindrance – something to get out of the way so that they can move on to other activities.

Creating a flexible schedule allows employees to choose how this work aligns with their personal lives. They’ll feel less stressed and have the opportunity to create a balance that works for them.

Opportunities for Mentorship

Not all part-timers are seeking a promotion; however, they may greatly appreciate coaching from an experienced manager or team. Many of these young employees are recent graduates and often appreciate a guiding hand. Alternatively, many of these individuals are seeking upward advancement, and the mentorship from a professional is vital for their development.

Improve Culture

Not only are some workplaces pleasant, but, some are downright fun. Of course, environments that allow for too much tomfoolery with little to no structure, are usually doomed. With that in mind, others strike a profound balance between work and play that positively influences the entire office morale. In turn, this recipe will reduce employee turnover and ignite the workplace aptitude of even the least present employee. In addition, youth are drawn to attractive company cultures. In fact, many young people will choose positions with lower salaries if they come with the opportunity to travel, bring pets to work, or enjoy a fun work environment.

Hire Self-Motivated Staff

 A good leader should attempt to motivate staff; however, some part-timers simply won’t feel as compelled as others by these rallying attempts. Nevertheless, some people will give their part- time positions a great deal of passion. In order to locate these star employees, managers should ensure that they select candidates with the most potential. Although resumes may present vocational and educational history, they convey very little about motivation. To avoid a bad hire, companies should ensure that they take the time to perform pre-employment testing to select the ideal candidate.