Towards the Same Goal: Why Marketing & HR Should Work Together?

As unique as each department may be, cross-functional collaboration is common – sometimes, inevitable – in organizations of all sizes. Some of these interactions you encounter may feel familiar, such as sales and marketing. Other times, however, it requires a bit of an initiative from two very distinct areas of expertise.

Partnership Between Marketing and HR

Though not an obvious pairing, marketing and HR have a lot more in common than anyone could imagine. Both share similar objectives in influencing people and building connections – one with customers and the other targeting employees respectively. Indirectly and unintentionally, the success and efforts made by one discipline may even benefit the other along the way. Hence, by working together, you are strengthening these benefits so that your brand stands out both internally and externally.

Because we know how important and powerful first impressions are, in order to attract prospective clients and talents, marketing and HR rely on similar strategies to raise awareness, draw interest, and facilitate touchpoints. Let’s take a look at how these responsibilities may overlap.

Recruiting Talents Together

Marketing communicates with their audience in savvy ways because they know where people are exactly these days – online. On the contrary, while HR may operate in more traditional methods and tends to be slower when it comes to finding new market trends, hiring pros can take advantage of the insights marketing provides to craft job descriptions, tailored to the persona they wish to entice.

This is exceptionally relevant knowing that younger and younger talents are taking over the job market. Not only will HR know who to target and on which platforms, but with marketing’s ability to identify job-specific candidate qualities through their market research, having this information will help HR through the hiring process and ultimately allows them to find the best fits.

Building Customer and Employee Loyalty

Whether it’s to make a good first impression or to build a credible reputation long term, brands with strong online and offline presence are usually recognized as cool and trustworthy. A study on consumer behavior showed that 94% of customers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. Employees, likewise, are more likely to stay at a company that they feel emotionally connected to. In hopes of maintaining a positive employer brand, as a pair, marketing and HR can work together to identify the right brand voice and share information about the company’s culture and values – essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As the saying goes, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” By stepping out of the areas we already excel at, we are exposing ourselves to even greater knowledge, new ideas and growth. Now that we’ve looked into the various potentials that marketing and HR has, what do you think is the next power duo in a workplace?