Understanding Job Benchmarking

What is the Advantage of Job Benchmarking?

Many assessment products designed for hiring and promotion only provide information about the candidate, with no reference to the position for which they are being considered. Good hiring decisions should start with determining whether the abilities, interests, and personality traits of the candidate match those required for the job.

Our Prevue Assessments compare applicants against what we call the Prevue Benchmark: a customized job-fit profile that describes the characteristics of an ideal employee for each of the positions in your organization.

The importance of establishing accurate job requirements can be better understood by example. Consider how uncomfortable you would be if the pilot flying your next flight was a risk-taker and disliked following detailed plans? How concerned would you be if your child’s school bus driver was extremely assertive and very competitive? While it is easy to define the technical requirements of a job, such as the required professional qualifications or the ability to use a specific tool, it is much more difficult to define, for example, a “people-person” or a “self-starter”.

Why Prevue Benchmarks?

Prevue Benchmarks are graphically displayed as an overlay in our Prevue Reports. You get to see how the candidate’s scores match up against the desired characteristics for the role, which ultimately determines whether or not the person is a good job-fit. Our experts here will work closely with you to find the best benchmarking method, allowing you to quickly, easily and economically build benchmarks for all the positions within your organization.

Prevue Benchmark Development Process

Prevue Benchmarks can be developed from one or a combination of the following benchmark development methods:

  • Prevue Benchmark Library: Benchmarks can be selected from the Benchmark Library simply by matching your job description to the position descriptions for the 700+ positions in the Library.
  • Top-Performer Study: This method uses the Prevue Assessment results of two or more current top performers working in the selected position at your organization, as an attempt to clone your employees’ best qualities.
  • Job Description Survey: Job Description Surveys are short questionnaires completed by managers or others familiar with the job requirements of the position. The results are tabulated online to identify the Prevue Benchmark that reflects management’s opinion.