Prevue Report Families

While Prevue is most well-known for its hiring products, there is a library of reports meant for other uses and we have categorized each specialization into families. Each family focuses on a different part of the employee lifecycle which can be summarized as Hire->Train->Promote->Replicate. The hiring section includes Screening and Selection, training includes Onboarding & Coaching, promoting includes Succession Planning, and replicating includes Prevue Benchmarks. As an addition to this model, Career Guidance was designed as a speciality report for students.

Here is a simple break down:

Report Family Reports Included Best Used For
Screening + Selection Job-Fit, Snapshot, Learning + Reasoning, Approach to Work, Screen-Fit, Retail-Fit, Individual Screening and finding the right candidates during the hiring phase of the employee lifecycle. Arguably, the most critical function as high turnover results in high cost.
Onboarding + Coaching Snapshot, Corporate Coach, Corporate Coach for Individuals, Development, Individual Finding out the best way to improve areas where there may be a weakness for the current position.
Succession Planning Succession Planning For determining the best career path for current employees within the company.
Prevue Benchmarks Benchmark Description, Benchmark Study The nitty gritty of the reports. Looks in detail on how the benchmark was created for the customized position during the study.
Career Guidance Prevue for Careers Takes assessment results and compares it to many different benchmarks. Used as a guide for students or new graduates towards a career path they are more likely to succeed in.