What Are Prevue Scopes?

There are a variety of ways to measure a candidate’s job compatibility. At Prevue, we refer to these methods as “scopes”. While taking the full assessment will provide the most well-rounded picture of a candidate, there are times when an employer may decide to use a different type of scope to achieve their hiring goals.

Our full Prevue Assessment can be divided into the following five sections (WNSIP):

  • Words
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Interests
  • Personality

By using a diverse combination of these sections, we are able to bring you candidate insights on the different scopes, as highlighted below:

Scope Sections Best Used For
Full WNSIP (Words, Numbers, Shapes, Interests, Personality) Getting a comprehensive all-around view of the candidate. This will provide the most information on a candidate.
Learning + Reasoning WNS (Words, Numbers, Shapes) Measuring the speed at which a candidate can process and learn new information.
Numerical Reasoning NIP (Numbers, Interests, Personality) For candidates in positions that primarily deal with numbers on the fly. This could range from a salesperson working out pricing to a closing cashier counting the till.
Corporate Coach IP (Interests, Personality) Looking at where there may be areas for growth in a candidate. Often used for senior positions and succession planning. Less stressful with no timed sections.
Personality P (Personality) An in-depth personality assessment with provided interview questions. Available in more languages than the SFP (English-only).
Short Form Personality SFP (Short Form Personality) A quick 5-minute assessment that is the backbone of our Prevue Screen-Fit and Retail-Fit. Perfect for high volume positions.