What Are Prevue Scopes?

At Prevue there are a variety of ways of measuring a candidate’s compatibility to different jobs. We refer to these methods as “Scopes”. ¬†Abbreviated as WNSIP, it stands for Words, Numbers, Shapes, Interests, and Personality. By using a combination of these profiles, we are able to create benchmarks (or scores) that correlate to proven success in different positions. While taking the Full scope consisting of all WNSIP will provide the most well-rounded picture of a candidate, there are times a customer may decide to use different scopes to achieve their hiring goals.

Here is a simple break down:

Scope Scope Abbreviation Best Used For
Full WNSIP (Words, Numbers, Shapes, Interests, Personality) Getting a comprehensive all-around view of the candidate. This will provide the most information on a candidate.
Learning + Reasoning WNS (Words, Numbers, Shapes) Measuring the speed at which a candidate can process and learn new information.
Numerical Reasoning NIP (Numbers, Interests, Personality) For candidates in positions that primarily deal with numbers on the fly. This could range from a salesperson working out pricing to a closing cashier counting the till.
Corporate Coach IP (Interests, Personality) Looking at where there may be areas for growth in a candidate. Often used for senior positions and succession planning. Less stressful with no timed sections.
Personality P (Personality) An in-depth personality assessment with provided interview questions. Available in more languages than the SFP (English-only).
Short Form Personality SFP (Short Form Personality) A quick 5-minute assessment that is the backbone of our Prevue Screen-Fit and Retail-Fit. Perfect for high volume positions.