Breaking Down The Prevue Report

The Prevue Job-Fit and Onboarding + Coaching reports are designed to help you achieve hiring and team success. In keeping with that goal, Prevue has the option for you to tweak the report sections for different situations that better fit your hiring practice.

A Look Into Each Report Section

The most information covered in a report can be found in our full comprehensive format. This is the default format selected for the reports, which can be broken down into the Cover PageTable of ContentsUnderstanding this ReportPrevue Results GraphTotal Person DescriptionInterview GuideIndividual Characteristics, and Best Practice Information.

Section Information It Provides
Cover Page Basic information such as the candidate’s name, the date the assessment was taken and when the report was run, the company name, and the job position that you’re hiring for.
Table of Contents Brief details on the different sections in the report and what can be found in each.
Understanding This Report An introduction of what is being measured, as well as a quick description of the science behind the assessment.
Prevue Results Graph A graphic visual of where a candidate’s scores match up with the benchmark of a position. A suitability score is also provided at the end of the graph that measures job-fit.
Total Person Description By taking the information gathered from the report, this section creates a detailed written snapshot of what the candidate is like in the workplace.
Interview Guide Questions where the candidate “falls off” the benchmark of the job position. The questions are designed to probe at how this may affect their performance in the role, whether the candidate is aware of their challenges, and provide an opportunity to describe how they work to overcome it.
Individual Characteristics Descriptions of each trait on a much more detailed level; breaking down each score of the Prevue Results graph and explaining how it relates to the job benchmark.
Best Practice Information Information on how to administer the assessment, how the report factors into the overall hiring process, and how the Prevue assessment complies with equal fairness and opportunity regulations.

Finding the Format that Matches Your Needs

We know that one-size does not fit all. Just as how Prevue Assessments are flexible to fit what you want to measure, our reports are also flexible in providing an output that suits different hiring situations.

The Summary format is designed to provide only the key information in a succinct easy-to-read report. By removing the sections Understanding This Report and Individual Characteristics, this format removes all of the “how-to” and in-depth portions of the report while focusing only on the results. This gives our customers a simple way of understanding candidates without being overwhelmed with too much at once.

The Graph format is simplified further containing only the Cover PagePrevue Results Graph, and the Best Practice Information. With the goal of taking complex information and providing a quick output, this format is mainly for hiring managers and recruiters who are more experienced in how to read and interpret Prevue reports.

The Interview format, containing only the Cover Page, Table of Contents and the Interview Guide, was introduced as a document for HR managers to bring to an interview without the need to print the entire report. This gives interviewers more space to focus on areas that matters, rather than the science.